Asthma Sufferers Can Get Effective Primary Care in Flint, Michigan

Asthma plagues approximately one in twelve people in the United States, so it’s no surprise that some residents of Flint, Michigan also suffer from it. It can be a difficult condition to combat, and while many sufferers do get excellent primary care in Flint, there are times when more urgent care is needed. To be better prepared for the worst-case scenario, people need to know what factors trigger asthma attacks. A recent article in The Huffington Post discussed some of these potential causes:

Getting a cold is an annoyance for anyone, but for people with asthma, it can be life-threatening. That's because rhinoviruses -- the main cause of the common cold -- can also induce asthma attacks. In fact, rhinoviruses are "by far, greater than any allergen," Craig says. "Allergens can trigger asthma attacks ... but usually it is not as severe as that associated with the rhinovirus."

The flu can also pose a danger to people with asthma, which is why people with asthma “should make sure they get their flu vaccine because the flu can also trigger asthma attacks” Craig says. People with asthma -- and all people, really -- should avoid the cold and the flu by practicing proper hand-washing hygiene.

There are several other possible triggers like mice, mold spores, and second-hand smoke. Depending on the severity of the attack, sufferers may have to visit an urgent care facility or the emergency room. Signs of an asthma attack include coughing, breathlessness, tightness in the chest, and wheezing. In extreme cases, an attack can lead to anxiety and unconsciousness.

When you’re taken to a care facility to be treated, you need to have your asthma action plan ready. This usually consists of your personal best peak flow meter reading that indicates how fast you exhale and inhale, as well as a list of your asthma triggers, your usual symptoms, and the types and dosages of your medication. Asthma manifests itself differently for each sufferer, which is why personalized action plans need to be formulated to treat it.

To develop such a plan, you have to consult with a doctor at a dependable primary care clinic in Flint, such as one operated by the Michigan Health Specialists. Experienced doctors should be able to diagnose your asthma’s severity and provide you with a map for long-term treatment alongside your emergency plan.

(Source: 6 Surprising Asthma Triggers, The Huffington Post, July 13, 2014)

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