Vaccines from a Local Family Care Clinic in Flint are Vital to Kids

A lot of parents may have heard a thing or two about the importance of vaccines for children at some point in their lives. Truth be told, while marred by bitter controversy, vaccination is extremely important as a child grows. As this excerpt from an article on The Spectrum noted:


Childhood vaccines protect children from a variety of serious or potentially fatal diseases including diphtheria, measles, meningitis, polio, tetanus, and whooping cough.


If these diseases seem uncommon or even unheard of it’s usually vaccines are doing their job.

So why is it exactly important for parents to have their children vaccinated at a local center for family care in Flint, like Michigan Health Specialists, as well as others elsewhere?

Vaccines can literally save a kid’s life – Vaccines have been continuously refined in conjunction with different advancements in medical research, allowing a child protection against more illnesses than before. In fact, vaccines have been known to completely eradicate diseases throughout history—smallpox, for instance—and it has been found that there are about 103 million fewer cases of most diseases now than in the past.

Vaccines are perfectly safe – Autism and vaccines have been linked in the past, but this is an inaccurate assessment. There have been a lot of autistic children who haven’t been vaccinated before, and there are virtually no cases of vaccinated children developing autism, either. Vaccines are only given to children after an intense review process, a measure to ensure that the right dosage is administered. While several adverse reactions like redness, swelling, and even allergies may occur, these are pretty rare and the discomfort they give is nothing compared to the diseases the vaccines themselves prevent.

Vaccines prevent disease spreading in a much wider scale – Adults are well within risk of contracting diseases which can be prevented by vaccines. An infected, unvaccinated child can easily pass the illness along to others in rapid succession.

There are many other reasons why children should be taken to an accredited family care clinic in Flint or any other locale for immunization, but the aforementioned three are the main factors. As the old adage goes, prevention is still much better (not to mention far less expensive) than the cure.

(Source: Vaccines Protect Children, The Spectrum, August 4, 2014)

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