Timetrice Benson, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Timetrice Benson, FNP

family Nurse Practiioner

Family Medicine


Timetrice Benson is a board-certified nurse practitioner who joined Michigan Health Specialists in 2022. Timetrice completed her undergraduate studies at Baker College of Flint and was a registered nurse for 10 years before pursuing a graduate degree. She then completed her graduate studies at Simmons University based out of Boston, MA. Timetrice is passionate about patient education and giving patients the tools to manage their care independently at home. Timetrice uses a team approach when caring for patients and their loved ones while enjoying serving her community. She takes pride in advocating for minorities and those of lower socioeconomic levels. 


Timetrice likes to think of herself as a coffee connoisseur, loves animals, and enjoys spending time with her family. 


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