Patient-Centered Services


Internal & Family Medicine

Selecting a health care provider is one of the most important decisions you can make. MHS providers are accessible, passionate, and committed to improving lives.

Our  providers are available when you have common and complex health issues. They offer preventive services that will help sustain a healthy lifestyle and improve your quality of life. They excel in prevention, the treatment of disease, and follow-up care. If you need more specific help, they will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

MHS is committed to you and your family, and creating a relationship that is based on trust and professionalism. MHS providers will help you maintain your health at any stage of your life, from infancy to the elder years.

We promise to make sure you have access to the best health care services when you need them.

Accessible Internal Medicine Doctors

MHS internal medicine doctors excel in general medicine services. They are primary care physicians whose patient practice focuses on adults, dealing with preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease.

MHS provides patients with internal medicine services and personalized care for the most complex adult health issues. Our doctors provide surgical, medical, and rehabilitation services to ensure quality care and positive outcomes for our patients. We treat hospitalized patients and those recently discharged from the hospital.

MHS is a well-equipped internal medicine clinic. We offer a range of medical testing technologies including X-ray, EKG, and laboratory testing. We also have relationships with affiliated clinics that can do ultrasound and bone density evaluations. Most importantly, we provide a safe and convenient environment for patient care.

Patient-Centered Care