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Urgent Care

Michigan Health Specialists Grand Blanc

MHS is partnered with Hurley’s Grand Blanc Urgent Care center located at 5494 Dort Hwy. Flint, at the intersection of Hill Rd. and Dort Hwy.

The urgent care clinic is open 9-9 Monday-Friday and 9-6 Saturday and Sunday. The urgent care has on-site X-ray and lab services. It serves patients needing immediate care due to routine illnesses and minor traumas, including sore throats, earaches, coughs, flu, skin infections, sprains, strains, burns, and abrasions.

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When to See An Urgent Care Center

Urgent care is a clinic for walk-in patients. It is not necessary to have an appointment if you visit the center.

Urgent care is different from emergency care. Urgent care clinics have limited hours and serve patients with non-critical conditions.

Emergency clinics are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergency care is for critical conditions that can threaten a patient’s life or may leave the patient impaired.

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